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RecoverPoint for Virtual Machines


Replicate to on-premises and cloud with low RTOs and RPOs Essentials

• Protects Virtual Machines (VMs) in VMware environment with VM-level granularity and provides local or remote replication for any PiT recovery

• Integrated with VMware vCenter with built-in orchestration and automation capabilities

• Free up resources (time, $, cloud) while future proofing on premises capabilities by leveraging Cloud DR functionality

• Provides an automated workflow that enhances the operational and disaster recovery processes, reducing data loss and the time required for recovery

• Helps organizations to achieve their business continuity goals defined by their RPO and RTO


Dell EMC RecoverPoint for Virtual Machines redefines data protection for VMware virtualized environments. It protects Virtual Machines (VM) at VM level granularity with local and remote replication for recovery to any Point-in-Time (PiT) on premises. It supports synchronous and asynchronous replication over any distance with efficient WAN bandwidth utilization, substantially reducing network costs.

RecoverPoint for VMs simplifies disaster recovery, disaster recovery (DR) testing and operational recovery with built-in orchestration and automation capabilities directly accessible from VMware vCenter. It provides a reliable and repeatable automated DR workflow that increases customer's data protection and recovery operational efficiencies. When Cloud becomes a more vital part of your DR strategy, RecoverPoint for Virtual Machines enables replication to AWS and VMware Cloud on AWS.

This fully virtualized data protection product is built on the robust RecoverPoint engine with exceptional cloud functionality to make Recover Point for Virtual Machines the proven market leader in replication and disaster recovery.

Specifications integrated with VMware vCenter

RecoverPoint for Virtual Machines is a fully virtualized softwareonly solution deployed in VMware vSphere environments without any additional hardware dependency. Here are three architectural components which are fully integrated and deployed in a VMware ESXi server environment: the VMware vCenter plug-in, a RecoverPoint write splitter embedded in vSphere hypervisor, and a virtual appliance.

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