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Designed for performance and optimized for efficiency
Engineered from the ground-up to meet market demands hybrid storage performance, efficiency and lifecycle simplicity, Dell EMC Unity XT Hybrid Flash Arrays are NVMe-ready, implement a dual active architecture, contain dual socket Intel processors with up to 16-cores and more system memory. All these modern features enable Dell EMC Unity XT to deliver more performance and less latency compared to previous generations.
Dell EMC Unity XT Hybrid Arrays also include significant efficiency gains. These arrays reduce system overhead to provide 85% platform efficiency. When you turn on the inline data reduction features to combine with the platform efficiency, you’ll get up to 31% more effective capacity than many other midrange systems. Dell EMC Unity XT also includes an efficient self-service migration utility right from the GUI to seamlessly migrate file and block data from legacy Dell EMC products and select competitive systems.
Whether you are looking to start small or scale to hundreds of terabytes of usable capacity, these modern Hybrid Flash systems have you covered.
Hybrid design
Dell EMC Unity XT Hybrid Storage Arrays start in a sleek 2U form factor with a modern architecture designed to take full advantage of flash technology deployed in a hybrid or all-flash storage pool for the best performance with the economics of disk. The design includes linear multicore scaling, inline data reduction with zero detect for block and file with all-flash pools, zero impact drive firmware-based garbage collection, write coalescing minimizing IO, and intelligent wear leveling capabilities, and NAND TLC drives. The Dell EMC Unity XT Hybrid systems also come with FAST Cache for improving performance IO and FAST VP for auto-tiering efficiency. A high-density enclosure supports eighty flash drives in just three rack units, for even greater space efficiency.
Built for multi-cloud
Customers now demand their storage infrastructure be cloud-ready. Dell EMC Unity XT was designed for a multi-cloud world, so you can easily leverage the new Dell EMC Unity XT platforms when deploying any of these cloud options:
Cloud Data Services
• Dell EMC Cloud Storage Services – Connect Dell EMC Unity XT, consumed as a service, directly to the public cloud(s) of your choice through a high-speed, low latency connection. This enables users to gain the economic benefits of cloud as well as the high-availability and durability of persistent Dell EMC Unity XT storage while maintaining complete control of data. Plus, VMware customers can deploy an automated DRaaS solution with Dell EMC Unity XT in VMware Cloud on AWS for seamless, enterprise-grade, pay-as-you-go DR in the cloud. Cloud Storage Services additionally offers agile, multi-cloud support allowing users to leverage multiple clouds and easily and quickly switch clouds for use cases such as workload migration, analytics, test/dev and more to maximize business outcomes.
• Dell EMC Cloud Edition – a full featured Dell EMC Unity XT software-defined storage solution deployed with VMware Cloud on the AWS cloud. for running a VDI environment in VMware Cloud, Test/Dev, or replication services to a third site.
Cloud Connected Systems
• Dell EMC Cloud Tiering Appliance – an automated policy-based solution to perform file tiering and block archiving to a multi-cloud environment freeing up capacity and reducing backup windows.
Dell Technologies Cloud Validated Designs
• VMware Cloud Foundation – the first external storage platform to be validated for use with VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF), Dell EMC Unity XT enables you to easily provision storage for VCF with Dell EMC Unity XT NFS using best of breed components.
Dell EMC Unity XT Hybrid Storage Data Sheet © 2020 Dell Inc. or its subsidiaries.
• Modern: 2U NVMe-ready design future proofs the investment; scalable to 1500 drives
• Powerful: Dual-socket Intel™ CPUs, more cores and memory drive more performance with less latency than previous generations.
• Efficiency: Higher system efficiency and DRR deliver more effective usable capacity lowering TCO
• Simple: Installs in 15 minutes, configure in 10 minutes with intuitive easy-to-use web-based (HTML5) management
• Flexible: Deploy as physical, software defined or converged infrastructure systems - all sharing one OS
Benefits to you
• Performance: New processors drive more Read, Write and Mixed workload performance accelerating virtualized workloads with less latency.
• Efficiency: Dell EMC Unity XT hybrid arrays are 85% efficient delivering more effective usable capacity and higher data reduction rates in all flash storage pools.
• Consolidation: Consolidate all your mixed workloads (file, block, VVOL data) on a single array and storage pool.
DevOps agility and automation
• Unity XT provides simplified integrations with VMWare vRealize Orchestrator & Kubernetes workloads

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